It’s important to “dress” your salad

Mindy's Yummy Sauce Salad

Mindy’s Yummy Sauces were not just crafted for salads, they always add delish to your dish! When it comes to creating a salad for lunch or dinner, quite often we find ourselves focusing on the greens that we want to use and how all the vegetable flavors will pair. A salad should be crisp with texture, while still staying colorful and beautiful. Each ingredient added should always taste exactly like its original flavor but only better with our sauces. 


Most of us know the obvious reasons why salads are good for our health but did you know by just eating one salad a day you can be provided with great health benefits? Those who choose to eat salads can have considerably higher levels of vitamins C, E, and folic acid. These three vitamins are the key nutrients for creating/ promoting a more healthy immune system, which all of us could benefit from! When crafting your salad, choose vegetables that are especially dark green, red, and orange. Overall, think about incorporating all the colors of the rainbow into your salad to meet the daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables. 

According to the study*:

  • Eating a salad a day can directly link to having higher nutrient levels.
  • Adding salad dressing to a salad increases the absorption of certain nutrients being consumed.
  • The fat in dressings can help absorb key nutrients such as lycopene (a plant nutrient with antioxidant properties) and alpha/beta carotene (precursors of vitamin A).
  • High fruit and vegetable consumption has also been associated with lower rates of pre-menopausal bone loss in women.
  • Consumption of one serving of salad or raw vegetables per day is significantly associated with the likelihood of meeting the recommended nutrient intake.

* (Study Conducted by UCLA School of Public Health) The American Dietetic Association is now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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