Sandwich lovers at your house? We’ve got you covered whether it’s the traditional two-slices-of-bread sandwich, the rollup sandwich, the melted Panini sandwich or anything in between! Our sauces Add Delish To Your Dish ™️ even if your dish is a sandwich.

Sandwich with Mindy's Yummy Honey Mustard & Smoky Chipotle sauces

Roll-Up Sandwich with Mindy’s Yummy Sauces

1 piece of roll-up bread or 2 slices of bread 3 slices of turkey 2 slices of cheese fresh spinach or arugula leaves sliced tomato Mindy’s Yummy Honey Mustard or Smoky Chipotle Sauce (& add your favorite sandwich ingredients!) Assemble sandwich, spread or drizzle Mindy’s Yummy Honey Mustard or Smoky Chipotle Sauce on top, roll-up

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Photo of vegetarian sandwich

Vegetarian Melty Sandwich

1-2 slices of cheese (your choice–we like American, cheddar, muenster cheese, mozzarella, & provolone) 2 slices of tomato, 1-2 slices of onion a few spinach or lettuce leaves cucumber avocado 2 T. Mindy’s Yummy Honey Mustard 2 slices of bread (Optional: shredded cabbage) Assemble sandwiches and grill in a frying pan with a little oil,

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MIndy's Yummy Sauces is delicious with grilled cheese, making it ooey-gooey, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese

2 slices of breadAny type of cheese (we like cheddar)  1 tsp. of butter or vegan spread Mindy’s Yummy Sesame, Sesame Sauce (Optional: add turkey, ham, chicken or your favorite meat) Lightly butter each side of your break, place bread butter-side-down onto skillet bottom. Spoon a little of Mindy’s Yummy Sesame, Sesame Sauce onto bread,

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