Don’t let your sauces be an afterthought

Don’t let your sauces be an afterthought. Think about your regular sauce choices in a different way. A good sauce/dressing is like a musical score, it truly works with every part of the dish and rounds everything out into a harmonious package. We can promise you that our sauces will enhance your meals and take the flavor of your dishes to the next level. 


What makes our sauces so unique, you may ask? 

Mindy’s Yummy Sauces can be used in a variety of ways. When added to meat, grains, or cooked vegetable dishes, our sauces help distribute added herbs and spices throughout the entire dish ensuring more flavor in every bite. The flavors will coat your tongue, and with every chomp. Throughout your prepared meals, the sauces will allow you to experience flavors more fully and for longer periods of time.

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Our pan dish tip!

Our sauces can easily jazz up your pan dishes.  First, brown your meat in a pan just until it’s cooked through. Remove your meat and then with a wooden spoon scrape down the edges of the pan to lift the brown bits. Add the sauce of your choosing and mix in the bits. Simmer slightly and then add your meat back into the sauce. You will be pleasantly surprised by the extreme amount of flavor infused into your dish. 

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