It’s time to think green!

It’s time to think green because March 21st is the start of Spring. Will your kitchen be ready? If you feel like you have slipped off your “eating healthy” New Year’s resolution, now is the time to spring back into action and start cooking some “green” meals. You are in for a treat this month since we will be featuring lots of ideas of how to combine healthy greens with our healthy sauces. Because you are on our mailing list, you have the special honor of being the “first to know”. So get cooking with the power of green! 

Healthy ideas that may have left your plate!

During the cold winter months, it’s so easy to exclude the healthy greens and slip into the indulgent flavors of winter. The following foods listed below are easy for you to incorporate into your next meals and feel green, in a good way!

​​Mindy's Yummy Sauces makes healthy green eating easy.Kale:

Is an extremely nutrient-dense food and is very filling without containing a ton of calories.

Green Beans:

When eaten raw or cooked, green beans have a number of health benefits. They also contain folic acid, a B vitamin that assists the body in making healthy new cells.


Rich in potassium, spinach can help lower blood pressure.  It also contains an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid, which can help with managing diabetes. 

Green Vegetables Mindy's Yummy SaucesAvocado: 

Loaded with healthy fats that help lower bad cholesterol. Avocados have more potassium than bananas. They are also a great source of B vitamins, which aid in immune health.

Green Pepper: 

Particularly a good source of vitamin C, which is commonly used to prevent colds.  Green peppers also provide a great source of fiber known to promote digestive health.


Possessing high levels of vitamins C, B6, & K, as well as folic acid, asparagus is a no-brainer to add to a meal. The National Cancer Institute stated that asparagus has the highest levels of glutathione, one of the body’s most potent cancer-fighting agents.

How will you incorporate Mindy’s Yummy Sauces into your healthy dishes? Make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook when you are cooking in the kitchen! You may be the next chef that we feature on our Instagram stories! 

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