Packing lunches doesn’t have to be just for your kids

The big yellow buses are rolling back up to our street corners and so are the early mornings of getting the kids up and marching them off to school. For many, the idea of packing work or back-to-school lunches is a constant battle, but packing a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be hard. Do you need some healthy packable lunch ideas that are both full of nutrition, delish, and easy to pack? You’ve opened the right email. These ideas are filling, quick and easy to eat, and jam-packed with healthy nutrients that will keep you feeling your best all day long. Not to mention every dish includes extra delish!


It’s time to start packing!

 Hummus Wraps 

Vegetarian-inspired wraps that are packed with an awesome source of protein and healthy fats from the hummus. To add a boost of extra flavor add a drizzle of Mindy’s Yummy Sauce of your choosing. Make sure to include a little side container for extra dipping. 


Cobb Salad Wraps

Packed with protein from the chopped eggs and turkey and the wraps are so simple to make. If you would like to add a traditional taste to the mixture. Mix in some Mindy’s Yummy Honey Mustard Sauce for an extra kick of yumminess. 


Burrito Bowls 

Are the all-star lunch! It’s everything you love about burritos, but just in a bowl! Use your choice of protein like taco meat, cooked chicken, or black beans. Then pile on your veggies that you would normally use for a taco. We suggest drizzling on Mindy’s yummy smokey chipotle sauce to bring all the flavors together.

There are so many options and ideas for packing lunches. These are just our top choices! Get creative and make sure to tag us on Social Media @mindysyummysauces or comment below with your creations. We are excited to see your ideas and we will showcase them in one of our Instagram stories!

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