Wow! What an event to remember…

Wow! What an event to remember. On March 30th, Mindy’s Yummy Sauces was asked to host a live cooking event powered by Yelp. In short, we had so much fun! We are truly honored that we had a wonderful opportunity to showcase our 3 sauces, dressings & some of the ways we recommend using them. For all of you that attended, I want to say a big thank you!

If you missed the live event, no worries! You can still view and make some delish memories in the kitchen. Together, we made baked salmon, asparagus, bar-b-qued chicken, smoked ribs, and salad with Mindy’s dressings/cooking sauce flavors: Sesame, Honey Mustard, and Smoky Chipotle. All three sauces were used interchangeably, which allowed the cooks to choose their own adventure when it came to the flavor profile! By clicking on the link below you can access the recorded event. Respond to this email with any delish recipes that you make!

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The reviews speak for themselves. 

We were so honored to read the great Yelp reviews from the cooking show and we wanted to share! Listed below are some kind words left from the amazing live viewers. Again, thank you to all that attended. 

“I just finished watching the virtual event where Mindy showcased her sauces. I was so impressed by her knowledge of healthy cooking and healthy eating. I learned so much that I had never guessed before.

Even like things like aluminum foil and how dangerous it could be for you. I learned what oils to cook with and which oils to serve at room temperature. And that’s really important but I have never ever heard that before so it was really a good point.

I also was also interested in their smoker grill. I think that Mike would really like that so I’m going to show it to him when I get home. I am in Arizona visiting children and grandchildren at long last and as it is very early here for dinner I will be making chicken with Mindy’s sauce later.”  – Jan R.


“This was an amazing event with such personable chefs. The Sauces are available at some local stores or by Amazon. Super easy to get; it was actually more work to get the food that we cooked then it took me ordering the Sauces from Amazon.

I got the Smoke Chipotle and Honey Mustard Sauces because those were the ones I knew without tasting I would like. I was so happy to learn that the Sauces were gluten-free because that is incredibly important to me.

The steps for making the food were really easy to follow. Mindy was full of helpful hints and tricks. I would have never thought about putting salt on my asparagus as she said that it helps brighten the flavor when cooked. It was also really nice to know that I would be able to cook my 2 pieces of salmon in the same pan and the Sauces would not mix. It definitely made meal prepping for lunch tomorrow.

The meal was so delicious. I can’t wait to eat lunch tomorrow. I can already see that these Sauces will become stables in my fridge.”   – Mary M.


“Mindy’s has 3 savory sauces:  sesame, honey mustard, & smoky chipotle.  And they are vegan, GF, all-purpose sauces that contain clean ingredients.  I love the versatility of having a marinade, dip, dressing, gravy, er…jazzy topping to any dish.  That covers a lot cuz everyone already knows about the 5 master sauces in French cooking which are veloute, beschamel, hollandaise, tomato, & espagnole.  Armed with this arsenal of knowledge, VYE away with pounding the chicken,   as well as chopping the salad en masse as Mindy not only made salmon, asparagus, ribs, grilled chicken, & a salad ; later repurposing any of these or other leftovers so that it’s a brand new meal.  As long as it tastes good to you, it’s as Mindy says, adding Deelish to a dish.”  – Dee S.

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