Quarantine & Consequence

Quarantine. Covid-19. Corona: these new words in our vocabulary were practically never spoken prior to the last 6 months. Today, they are part of our daily conversation, “the new normal,” and with consequence.

Consequences like closing what has now been coined “nonessential” businesses, verbalizing the mantra of “social distancing,” and adapting to the abrupt change in American society as we know it.

Photo of dominos falling by Mindy's Yummy SaucesBusinesses are at risk and that is very scary. There’s no way around it.

But on the home front, having kids back in the nest, changing to a different version than what we’ve been living and having to adapt can also be scary, daunting and strange. But does it have to be? While nobody knows exactly when this might end, we can, instead, try to make the best of what we can control. And, dare I say, look at the glass half-full?

Half-full means enjoying your college kids’ homecoming and understanding that this opportunity for extended family time may never come again. Forget that it is born out of consequence. Seize the opportunity and see it positively: spend time with your children, whether they are still young or college-age, “sit in” on their on-line college classes, understand what they are learning, see their professors online and finally put a name with his or her face, enjoy family dinners again, revert to simpler times without all of the running around….AND maybe (just maybe) show them how to adapt to difficult times with grace and flexibility.

Last Friday night, I enjoyed a family Scrabble game with my 21-year-old. This morning, I asked my daughter if she wanted to cook dinner with me. These are opportunities, not consequences, that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to me! Photo of Scrabble game by Mindy's Yummy Sauces

So, embrace your kids, tell them how much you love them, kiss your spouse or partner more, and help your neighbor.  We are absolutely navigating uncertain times in many areas of our lives, but at least we can be grateful for what we DO have.



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