Quarantine & Consequence

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Quarantine. Covid-19. Corona: these new words in our vocabulary were practically never spoken prior to the last 6 months. Today, they are part of our daily conversation, “the new normal,” and with consequence. Consequences like closing what has now been coined “nonessential” businesses, verbalizing the mantra of “social distancing,” and adapting to the abrupt change … Read more

Valentine’s Day: Make your loved one’s heart throb with a home cooked meal!

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Valentine’s Day: Make your loved one’s heart throb with a home cooked meal! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Mindy’s Yummy Sauces helps your Valentine fall in love! We’ve all heard it before: the way to a loved one’s heart is through his stomach! Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked, Valentine’s Day meal for the … Read more

Broiling, Baking or Grilling? Which is best?

Baking is just way to use Mindy's Yummy Sauces, West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Broiling, baking and grilling are all great cooking options, but which one is best? Broiling and baking are cooking techniques that both use the dry heat of an oven. Baking is a cooking method that surrounds foods with hot air to cook them indirectly, while broiling uses direct oven heat to quickly cook foods at … Read more

In honor of former President Obama, stretch of road is renamed Obama Boulevard

In honor of former President Obama, stretch of road is renamed Obama Boulevard, Mindy's Yummy Sauces, West Bloomfield, Michigan

In honor of former President Obama, a stretch of road in Los Angeles is renamed Obama Boulevard. The street replaced Rodeo Road, a 3 ½-mile street that runs across a historic African American neighborhood. It also intersects with Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. This location punctuates the historic fact that Obama held his first campaign rally … Read more

Superhero Movie Avengers Endgame Snags Best Opening Weekend Ever–Why?

Like Avenger, Endgame movie, Mindy's Yummy Sauces turns you into your own superhero in your kitchen, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Superhero movie Marvel’s Avengers surpasses nearly every record in cinema history this past weekend. What an amazing feat for a movie, but what’s so special about this superhero movie that propelled its great success this past April weekend? The biggest reason is credited to the absolute ingenuity of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, a post-Star … Read more

Clean Eating with Sauces

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Can you eat “clean” and still have sauces? That’s a great question! The answer depends on what’s in your sauces, what’s in your food & what else is going on in your strive-to-be-healthy lifestyle. But the answer can and should be “yes!” Cooking with sauces can be done in several healthy ways. First, it’s important … Read more